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Sparty Spared from Spasm

On "Cancer Survivor Day" at the Karmanos Cancer Institute (McLaren Greater Lansing), a very special guest had a turn on the massage table!

Katie Hernandez (left) and Kate Prouty (right) give a quick massage to Sparty (center) before he heads out to greet the cancer survivors, their families, and oncology staff at the Karmanos Cancer Institute on Friday, June 2.

Aubry Fulford, one more of Patient Relaxation's Licensed Massage Therapists was busy giving a massage to a person going through cancer treatment.

We gave massages to dozens of people, and talked to hundreds. Participants got to go on tours of the beautiful radiation therapy rooms, make bracelets, paint rocks, and win lots of gorgeous door prizes.

A DJ kept the music going outside while people enjoyed dinner and cupcakes. There was a very joyful moment where everyone blew soap bubbles into the air to celebrate the lives of the survivors.

After having to shut down this event for two years due to the pandemic, turnout was enormous. At the outside tables, survivors exchanged stories, hugs, and tears.

We look forward to being part of this event every year!

Those are some seriously tight hamstrings, Sparty!

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