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An Afternoon at the Job Fair

We're in the market to hire another Licensed Massage Therapist. Maybe two.

That means setting up at a job fair at the local community college. Unfortunately, I was stuck in my chair for most of the time with a healing broken ankle and a pair of crutches.

I was limited in what I could bring, since all my employees were otherwise occupied, and I just had a backpack. My table display included my laptop with a lovely slide show, where I highlighted my training from the Mayo Clinic, and our practice being recognized by Massage and Bodywork magazine.

I also had a "Job Opening" flier, and a handout with a list of questions that new massage therapists should have answers to before accepting any job offer.

Over the course of three hours, I got to sit and talk to several student massage therapists, and felt more like the Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street than anything else. Because I know so many of the other massage business in town (having done lots and lots of research for marketing purposes, and because I have a bunch of friends), I was able to recommend that the woman who was interested in deeper pressure massages go to that one business over there, and the woman who wanted to work with orthopedic patients should talk to the man in the polo shirt over there.

It was a very "No, we don't carry that at Macy's, but I hear that they have a great selection at Gimbels" kind of situation. And it was exactly right.

I don't know if any massage students are going to apply for jobs with Patient Relaxation after that event, but a rising tide lifts all boats. And the right people will find me and my business. I'm sure of it.

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