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I'm lucky I haven't put an eye out! [The unforeseen dangers of not doing massages.]

I've been a massage therapist/massage student for over 7 years, and before that, I've been a flutist and piano player since I was about 8 years old.

Image: Person playing piano

One of the cardinal rules of playing piano AND doing massages is:


I had a brief fling with long-ish fingernails in high school, but when I went to college, Mrs. Kim, my piano teacher, would glare at me and would keep glaring until I used her nail clippers to chop my fashionably talon-like claws to nothingness. She was one heck of a glarer.

Lovely woman, scary teacher.

Anyway, since then, I've had very short nails -- until THIS WEEK!

And I realize that I simply can't cope with long nails.

I've poked myself in the eye, caught my nails in my hair, and generally not been able to function properly. Also, I forgot how easy it is for gross gunk to gather under even the littlest bit of nail. Shudder. So today, off they came. I'm back to piano-playing, massage-giving nail length, and I'm going to keep them that way. I'm quite sure some of you have had similar experiences while you've been staying home, and I'd love to hear the stories!

Did this make you smile a little? I hope so.

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