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Three things you can do while you're stuck at home and can't get to your massage therapist

Hello, and welcome to The Weirdest Time Ever.

Spring is here, flowers are trying to bloom, the sun is peeking out at us, and ... we're all stuck.

Because I can't help you relax your muscles and reduce your anxiety from my lovely massage therapy office, I'm going to try to help from my computer.

ONE: Run your fingers through your hair (if you have hair!), along your scalp.

Grasp the roots of your hair and GENTLY pull and/or clench your hands to create gentle traction. The critical word here is GENTLE. Please don't snatch yourself bald, ok?

Re-position your hands to another spot (maybe the back of your head, your crown, or just above your ears). Grasp, pull, traction, release.

This can help relieve tension headaches, tightness from staring at your computer hour after hour, and can boost your alertness a little.

TWO: With your thumbs and first fingers, gently pinch your eyebrows between the pads of the fingers (index finger above the brow, thumb just below the brow).

Begin at the inner point of the eyebrows, squeeze for a moment, release, then move outwards.

As you go, breathe in then out with each squeeze. The combination of controlled, deliberate breathing and pressure points on your brow can ease headaches, refresh and relax your forehead, and takes almost no time.

THREE: Using the same thumb/index finger combination as above, do compressions and gentle tugs on your earlobes.

Image: bunny ears

Yes, your earlobes. Let the earlobes slowly slip between your fingers as you pull outwards. Move up around the outer shell of your ear. Experiment with the direction of the pull -- you can pull directly out (laterally), up (towards the ceiling), or down (towards your shoulders).

There are supposed to be many acupressure points in your ears, which is why acupuncturists focus on them. But even if you don't know or believe in those points (I'm on the fence), this feels really good.

Also, consider using moisturizer on your ears. I'm always surprised by how much my clients' ears soak up lotion!

BONUS: Watch this quick video about how I center myself before and during massages. You can do this if you feel yourself getting anxious, stressed, or scattered.

Love to you all.


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