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Favorites: Gretchen Morse, Neurofeedback and Oboe and Pilot

I led you down an odd little path with my title. Gretchen is a friend who started life as an oboist (who plays with our own Lansing Symphony Orchestra),

She normally wears a helmet while motorcycling and oboeing.

and also is a Board Certified Neurofeedback Specialist, Pain Management Coach and Stress Management Coach (I lifted that directly from her website,

However, she is NOT a pilot. She HAS a Pilot.

Pilot is her pup, a Therapy Dog, who also has his very own Facebook page wherein he writes his observations, pictures of their walks together, and funny and touching stories.

Gretchen is one of those people who, when you've met her, you will always keep her in the category of "good all they way down" in your mind. Not just nice (she is nice), but truly good and kind and wise. And funny. And tough in the way that only people who have been through lifechanging difficulties can be.

Neurofeedback is something she's been doing for more than 10 years now, and it can non-invasively help people (and animals) to self-regulate their brains for better physical, cognitive and emotional function. Neurofeedback is empowering and builds self-awareness.

Pilot helps out during Neurofeedback sessions by providing support and comfort, and in addition, he volunteers at Sparrow Hospital, bringing his fluffy brand of love and affection to patients there.

You will often find the two of them out for adventures in Mount Hope cemetery and the natural areas around their office in Okemos, Michigan, or cuddled up at home practicing the oboe (Gretchen) and singing along (Pilot).


Gretchen (and Pilot) Morse

Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback

2109 Hamilton Road, Suite 100-C, Okemos, MI 48864


Phone: 517-290-4965

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