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"In These Challenging Times"

"We're all in this together."

"In these uncertain times..."

We've heard all of this so often they're starting to lose their meaning.

At Patient Relaxation LLC, we're putting our effort into actions, not words.

Since we work with people with cancer, auto-immune conditions, complex or serious conditions ... and, really everybody else, we have always adhered to the standards of cleanliness I learned at the Mayo Clinic.

However, with a sneaky, serious, respiratory virus, we're upping our game.


One of the best ways to stay safe is to have lots of fresh air circulating around you. One of the reasons I chose our office building was because of the big windows that open. This might lead to a slight increase in sound creeping in, but I'm willing to hear the kids laugh while they're playing in their wading pool (and the dog barking when he tries to get in with them) if it means safety. We also open our door for more than 20 minutes between clients to allow for greatest airflow.


Every high-touch hard surface we have is getting cleaned with disinfectant between each client. That means doorknobs, chairs, light switches, table tops, lotion and aroma bottles, etcetera. The building manager goes around the entire building every hour or so and Lysols each doorknob and light switch too.

MASKS: Yes, they're required to be worn by everyone, including you and including us. No, it's not optional. However, when you're face-down on the table, we've come up with a barrier that acts like a mask, so you may lay it aside during that portion of the massage. We will supply you with a mask if you don't have one.


Every client gets a full clean set of linens, including sheets, face cradle covers, hot towels, pillow cases, and the blanket.


Each client will be asked to wash their hands in the restroom upon entering. This helps cut down on any virus transmission from you, and massage therapists wash our hands and arms to above the elbows immediately before each massage, immediately after each massage, and immediately after clearing off the used linens. We also have sanitizer on hand in case we accidentally touch something during a massage that might not have been cleaned (for instance, if you ask us to hand you your phone to turn it off, or we crank open a window a bit more).


It's the little things that make us special, and we've always offered Dove chocolates and bottled water to each client. Unwilling to give that up, we've devised a way to keep these treats safe.

We now have a glass dome over a metal tray that holds your water, two chocolates, a sanitized pen (in case you need to write a check), and an extra disposable face mask, in case yours gets mangled during your massage. The glass dome gets sanitized between clients, and it keeps any airborne particles away from these goodies.


Each therapist and client need to be able to answer NO to the following:

In the last two weeks...

Have you been in contact with anyone with Covid-19?

Have you had a fever over 100.4?

Have you had any shortness of breath or persistent coughing?

Have you done any out-of-state travel?

Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19?

And each therapist and client gets their temperature taken prior to entering the building, using our no-touch forehead thermometer.


The owners of our building are taking great pains to keep the building itself safe and clean, and requires all tenants to track their daily temperatures (and we have to submit documentation), and absolutely requires everyone in the building to wear masks and adhere to the 6-foot distancing rule. They have consulted with numerous experts, including the County Board of Health for guidance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we will do what we can to clear things up.

Text 517.643.4188

Kate Prouty, Owner

Patient Relaxation LLC

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