Sharolyn Arnett

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Take a deep breath in… and relax

Life infuses stress and tension into the body and mind... and massage is the antidote. As a massage therapist, I assist in fostering relaxation while also addressing client concerns.


Relaxation and comfort are always the ideal goal for every massage. I am also passionate about creating long term positive changes in the body with integrative techniques. As someone with cerebral palsy, I have been a recipient of physical therapy for over 20 years and personally enjoy incorporating stretching and movement into a nurturing massage treatment. Given my life experience, I sincerely believe in manual manipulation and its capacity to improve quality of life.


I love the challenge of working with those who experience chronic discomfort, including the shoulders and neck, hips, and those who suffer from headaches. While this my strength, I rely on intuition and my ability to adapt to the client’s treatment needs, from simple relaxation and stress reduction to general wellness to focused clinical treatments.


I am a graduate of the Lansing Community College Massage Therapy Program, trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Positional Release, and Pre-natal massage.


"Sharolyn made my very first massage experience amazing! Throughout the process she was very detailed and professional. I left feeling like I was a new person. I am already planning my next visit with her. Thank you for such a great experience, Sharolyn!

Letesha B.

“The massage was: relaxing. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I am hyper mobile. I don't feel comfortable with just anyone 'working' on me. Sharolyn was kind, knowledgeable and professional. I will be going back. I realize that a massage can be a pampering experience, but it also relieves many of my aches and pains."

Stacy W.