Therapeutic Massage

4660 Marsh Road, Okemos MI 48864


6110 Abbot Road, East Lansing MI 48823

You are complex. Feeling better can be simple.

Our award-winning practice is staffed with Licensed Massage Therapists are among the most highly skilled and trained in Mid-Michigan. We specialize in working with people with complex or serious conditions, such as cancer, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, spinal surgeries ...

And just about everyone else.

Therapeutic Massage 

60 or 90 minute sessions

$95/hour, $125/90 minutes

Tailored to what you need at each appointment, whether it be relaxation, deeper pressure, or a more problem-solving focus. This is the "Gold Standard" of massage.

Techniques may include Swedish (relaxation), focused hot or cold stones, stretching, deeper trigger point massage, or meditative-type work. Available at both Okemos and East Lansing locations

Prenatal Massage

60 or 90 minute sessions

$95/hour, $125/90 minutes

This is the massage specifically geared to the pregnant person, whether you just found out, or you're two weeks overdue. You'll be cushioned and positioned to eliminate pressure on belly, breasts, and everything else. All techniques have been carefully researched to help you feel great and keep you safe.  Available at both Okemos and East Lansing locations.

Oncology Massage

60 or 90 minute sessions

$95/hour, $125/90 minutes

For anyone in active cancer treatment, or within 12 months of completing treatment. Kate Prouty is an Oncology Massage specialist, and is prepared to work with you at any stage of cancer and its treatment and recovery. She studied both at the Mayo Clinic and with Tracy Walton in Boston. 

Skilled massage has been shown to reduce pain, nausea, anxiety, and fatigue in people going through cancer treatment.

Whether you're getting chemo twice a week, radiation every day, or you just had surgery, you're in good hands. Kate understands about neutropenia, hand/foot syndrome, bruising and clotting, lymphedema, ports, you name it.

Don't wait to feel better.  Available ONLY at our Okemos location. 

Focus Massages 


45-minute Hand and Foot Focus massage:  $80

Spend an entire session getting your hands and forearms and/or feet and ankles massaged! This massage is performed with you fully clothed, reclining on our heated, cushioned table, face-up.

Available at both Okemos and East Lansing Locations

30-minute Single Focus massages: $55

Performed fully or partially clothed, on our Massage Table. These sessions are limited to ONE major area of concern, such as upper back, or neck, or legs. Also incorporates Relaxation Massage elements.

Offered only at our East Lansing location

Chair Massages:

Performed fully clothed, using a specially cushioned massage chair. 

10 minutes: $15

15 minutes: $22.50

20 minutes:  $30

Offered only at our East Lansing location


Do you have a friend in the Lansing area with a birthday coming up? A loved one in cancer treatment, but you're across the country? No matter where you are, you can send the gift of massage! 


Purchase gift cards and send them via e-mail. The recipient can redeem them by either printing them out or showing the code on their smartphone. 

Gift Card Details


  • Gift cards never expire! 

  • Please treat your gift card like cash. 

  • Gifts may be transferred to another person (unless otherwise specified, as for a special offer, etc.).

  • Massage gift cards are much better than a casserole. Unless they're huge casserole fans. No judgment.


How Much Should I Put On The Card?


  • Most people give a minimum of $55, which would equal one 30-minute massage, complete with aromas and lotions. 

  • If, for example, you'd like to gift someone with a series of five hour-long massages ($95 each), put $475 on the card. Your gift can be used at any time.

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