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The "gold standard" of massage therapy. We customize pressure, areas of focus, and techniques to relax, refresh, and help you feel your best. Enjoy hot cushions, steam towels, aromas, and more.

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Prenatal Massage

People in all stages of pregnancy will welcome the relief from the aches and pains from creating an entire new life.

Because we are highly trained, we are comfortable with clients with higher risk pregnancies, as long as their OB has not prohibited massage therapy.

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Fibro Support Massage

45-minute massage sessions designed for people with fibromyalgia. We specialize in the complexities of fibromyalgia. Walk out of our office feeling better than you did when you walked in.


Do you have a friend in the mid-Michigan area with a birthday coming up? A loved one in cancer treatment, but you're across the country? No matter where you are, you can send the gift of massage! 

Purchase gift cards and send them via e-mail. The recipient can redeem them by either printing them out or showing the code on their smartphone. 

Gift Card Details


  • Gift cards never expire! 

  • Please treat your gift card like cash. 

  • Gifts may be transferred to another person (unless otherwise specified, as for a special offer, etc.).

  • Massage gift cards are much better than a casserole. Unless they're huge casserole fans. No judgment.

Gift Cards
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Oncology Massage

People with cancer can benefit from skilled treatment from an Oncology Massage Specialist. Pain, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and even depression can be reduced by significant amounts. Regardless of where you are between diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or uncertain prognosis, skilled massage therapy is safe and effective. 

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Spend an entire 45-minute session getting your hands and forearms and/or feet and ankles massaged! This massage is performed with you fully clothed, reclining on our heated, cushioned table, face-up. Recommended for anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome or plantar fasciitis, office workers or people who are on their feet all day. 

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Meditative, Intuitive Massage

A full relaxation massage overlaid by a grounding, intuitive and energetic element. This massage focuses on relaxing you, working out tight, restricted muscles, and helping you feel balanced, centered, and focused. 

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Tension headaches can be dramatically reduced when treated regularly. Our research-driven protocol has been shown to reduce frequency, severity, and duration of tension headaches. 30 minutes or more of your massage will be devoted to headache-reducing techniques.

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Our 60-minute session includes 20-30 minutes of foot massage using research-based techniques to help reduce the effects of foot neuropathy (tingling, numbness, burning, pain). The rest of the massage will focus on deep relaxation. Not for people with acute foot injuries or unhealed sores

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In one massage, enjoy a full-body dry exfoliation, moisturizing hand and foot paraffin treatments, and a massage! You can choose the length of your session. Not recommended for anyone with very thin or broken skin, or anyone with an inability to tolerate heat on hands or feet

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