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Classes and Presentations

YMCA Classes and Presentations

Held at the Westside YMCA in Lansing, Michigan

3700 Old Lansing Rd, Lansing, MI 48917

"Caring Contact for Caregivers"

Wednesday, January 15, 12:15-1:15

Free for YMCA members, $10 for non-members

Register online at:…/Activity_Search/6989

Targeted to (but not limited to) people with chronic pain or illness and their caregiver or primary loved one.

Safety will be thoroughly covered. Techniques will focus on relaxation, pain reduction, decreasing anxiety and depression, and improving quality of life. Areas of the body may include back, neck, shoulder, face/scalp, hands and feet. Techniques in this class will be very gentle, and the goal will be to learn enough techniques for enough parts of the body that the caregivers can switch to a different area if the subject is experiencing discomfort.

"Valentine's Foot Massage"

Details TBA

Targeted to couples or pairs. Teaching adults to provide their partner with an excellent foot, ankle, and calf rub. Techniques will include heel circles, “taffy toes,” knuckles to the sole of the foot, ankle shaking, calf circles, and “inchworming” the thumb up the arch of the foot. Couples will be given handouts with the protocol. The goal will be to have them be able to perform a 20 minute protocol.


"Mothers' Day/Father's Day Massage"

Details TBA

Teaching school-aged children how to give simple back, neck, shoulder, and foot massages to their parents. Techniques will include shoulder squeezes, back compressions (“elephant steps”), progressive thumb pressure on legs (“polka dots”), and gentle foot massage (“break a chocolate bar”). Each child will be given a handout with illustrations of the techniques.

"Starting the School Year Gently"

Details TBA

Teaching parents massage techniques to help their children adjust to the schedule changes, stresses, and excitement of starting preschool or kindergarten. Techniques will include soothing “go to sleep” strokes, deep but gentle compressions to trigger the “rest and digest” nervous system reflex, and abdominal strokes to help ease digestion issues. This is a parent-only class (or other adult caregiver). Children will enjoy having fun in the YMCA's Tot Watch center.

"De-Stress During The Holidays With Massage"

November 2019

Lunch-and-Learn presentation emphasizing how skilled massage can help people keep on an even keel, even during high-stress times of year. Some very relaxing massage tips demonstrated. "What should you ask for to get the best massage?" and things to look for and look out for when finding the best massage therapist for you. Informal, accompanied with a beautiful power point presentation and handouts.

McLaren Hospital Presentations

Benefits of Skilled Massage Therapy for People With Breast Cancer: From diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond.

In coordination with the Turning Point Breast Cancer Support Group. 

Highlighting the ways skilled Oncology Massage Therapy can reduce pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, and fatigue for people dealing with cancer and its treatment. Given in 2018.

Caring Contact for Cancer Patients

In coordination with the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Hospital.

Hands-on demonstration of gentle techniques that can be used to soothe, relax, and connect with spouses with cancer. Given in 2019.

Other Presentations and Classes

American Guild of Organists:

Musician health: avoid repetitive stress injuries, self-massage techniques to keep flexibility, especially with arthritis, other motion-limiting conditions

Michigan State University, College of Music.  Graduate Musicianship Class:

Massage and mindfulness techniques to prevent injuries (repetitive stress), protect from burnout, and work through stage fright, to give better performances, and enjoy a long, pain-free career.

Michigan State University, Resource Center for Persons With Disabilities: Explaining how hands-on therapies can assist people with disabilities thrive in highly stressful settings, including college.


Michigan State University, International Student Center:

Reaching out to new international students, telling them what resources were available to them to help them deal with the stress of adapting to a new country, and minimizing culture shock.

Michigan State University, TRIO:

Reaching out to first-generation college students, students from low-income backgrounds and disabled students. Demonstrating stress-relief techniques they can use on themselves and friends to help thrive in the university environment.

Michigan State University, Traveler's Club:

Introducing MSU's stress relief services to students with addiction problems. Demonstrating self-care techniques to help avoid triggers for addictive behaviors. 

YMCA classes
McLaren Hospital Presentations
Other presentations and classes
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