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Patient Relaxation Advanced Skills Massage Clinic

Welcome to the PRLLC Massage Clinic!

Licensed Massage Therapists from mid-Michigan apply to our Advanced Skills training program each year in order add to the foundations they built in school and become Advanced-Level Massage Therapists.

We typically accept only a few LMTs at a time, and put them through focused, high-level workshops, have them do research, and get feedback and critique from our instructors.

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Applications are being accepted now

Any licensed (or soon-to-be-licensed) massage therapists are welcome to apply. Follow this link to our jobs page.

Licensed Massage Therapists

The Licensed Massage Therapists working in our Advanced Skills Massage Clinic have already been through an accredited 750-hour training program, have taken the MBLEX test, and and are licensed and insured.

We only accept the very best, most intuitive and intelligent LMTs

Rigorous Advanced Training

Working in PRLLC's rigorous post-licensure training program, they are getting monthly workshops and hands-on training sessions covering advanced topics like:



Tension Headaches Migraines

Trauma Responses 

Lower-Cost Massage Sessions

You, our clients, benefit from this program because all of us on our staff are constantly updating and honing our skills, and because during the first several months of our new LMT's training, we offer certain sessions for a much lower cost than usual: $49 for 45 minutes (save $36)

Help LMTs Improve and Grow

We will ask that you provide feedback to our therapists (they'll ask you a few questions afterwards) to help them improve their skills, and give reviews on Google or other sites to help our new therapists build their reputations.

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