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Integrate Skilled Massage Into Your Healthcare Center

Outpatient Massage Therapy Services

Our most popular service, full-length relaxation massages will be performed in a dedicated room within your facility.


We handle all the scheduling, staffing, and billing; you provide us a dedicated space and help me get the word out!


Your patients, their families, and your staff will be able to enjoy professional, relaxing, skilled massage therapy within the walls of a healthcare center they already trust

Chemotherapy Infusion Massage Therapy

Sitting through numerous chemotherapy infusions takes a toll, both physically and emotionally.


Contract with us to provide support and an oasis of comfort during infusions. Some Centers provide these sessions free to their patients, and others have patients self-pay.

We are trained to understand the precautions that may need to be taken, and how to target our techniques to help deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

Inpatient Massage Therapy Services

Hospital stays can be stressful for anyone, making it difficult to sleep and heal. We can come right to your patients' bedsides and give massage treatments. We are trained to work around surgical sites and medical equipment, and to avoid the complications that can arise in patients who may be seriously ill.


Massage therapy has been linked to reductions in stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and nausea. When side effects are minimized, your patients can get better sleep and their need for medical interventions may be lessened.

Staff Support Services

Medical and administrative staff in a hospital or cancer center can easily get burned out and drained, especially since they are deeply invested in the lives of their patients.

Have us come in on a regular basis to provide chair or table massages, or give your staff gift cards for full-length massages. Relaxation services can lower absenteeism and will greatly improve your work culture.

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