Frequently asked questions

What kind of massages do you do?

It's there in our name. Patient Relaxation. We are fabulous at relaxing people. Whether you are perfectly health or you are a patient with a complex or serious medical background, we're fully trained and equipped to give safe and effective massages. We're primarily "supportive" in our treatments (meaning we're trying to make you feel better rather than doing painful or aggressive techniques). If you don't know what you're looking for, it's best to choose "Therapeutic Massage," and then discuss your needs with your therapist when you come in. Please choose " Prenatal" if you're pregnant or " Oncology" if you're in active cancer treatment (or have been in the last 6 months), to make sure you get placed with the appropriately trained massage therapist. You can see a full list of descriptions for all of our massages on our "Services" page.

What kinds of people come to see you?

We see just about everybody, from captains of industry to judges to grandmas. Many of our clients have very complex medical or emotional backgrounds and come to us for our high levels of training. Some folks come to see us because we're on their way home from work. We do, however, limit ourselves to those 18 and older. Sorry, kiddos! We believe that children deserve massage therapists who are thoroughly trained in their needs and quirks, and we don't have anyone yet with that education.

Do you work on kids? May I bring my child with me to my appointment?

Sorry, no on both accounts. As of now, we don't have anyone who is specially trained to work with children, so we only treat adults. Kids aren't just tiny adults -- they are growing, their muscles, bones, and connective tissue need careful treatment, and we'd rather hand them off to specialists. We ask that you not bring anyone else to your appointment (unless you are disabled and need an assistant or need a translator). Children, while lovely, cannot be supervised by our staff while you're relaxing. The exception is newborn babies. If you have given birth in the last three months and would like to keep your baby in your arms or next to you on the table, you're welcome to do that.

Do you do DEEP TISSUE massage?

There are a lot of misunderstandings around the use of deep pressure in massages. Many people (massage therapists included) have come to believe "no pain, no gain," but there is very little evidence that this kind of pressure is beneficial. What you feel with painful pressure is an endorphin rush, which feels good at the moment. However, it can cause damage and bruising to your tissues, and even trigger muscle spasms. We will NOT do that kind of pressure. What we WILL do is deep focus and moderate to deep ("the sweet ache") pressure. It's deep enough that you feel it, but not so deep that you have to limp home. This doesn't make everyone happy. However, you can go almost anywhere and find someone who will give you a hulk-like crushing massage if you really want it. Just not here.

Why are your massages so expensive?

We know we're not the cheapest massage place in the area, but we're also not the most expensive. Our massage therapists are some of the best-trained LMTs in our area, and we participate in serious, ongoing (usually monthly) trainings and workshops. You won't be able to get that kind of skill and attention cheaply. However, we do have our Massage Clinic which offers lower-cost massages (as available) where we practice new skills and techniques. Not all of our LMTs work in the Clinic, so your choice of therapists may be limited.

What will my first session be like?

We allow extra time at our first session to talk with you and find out details of your medical history that will help us tailor your massages to your particular needs. Then your therapist will step out, giving you a chance to undress to your comfort level and to get onto the table and cover up with the sheet and blanket. Once you are tucked in, your therapist will return, and give you a lovely massage, uncovering only the parts being massaged. We use hot cushions and towels, lotions and aromas as appropriate.
At the end, your massage therapist will let you know the treatment has ended, then will step out to let you yawn and stretch and get dressed. Finally, when you open the door your therapist will come back in, and you can set up your next appointments, take care of payments, and go happily to your car to go home.

I'm perfectly healthy, but you specialize in people with serious medical issues and complex problems. Will your massages work for me?

Of course! Our careful, thoughtful approach to massage therapy works for all of our clients, regardless of health issues. We can give deeper (but not punishing) pressure to athletes, gentle stress-relieving massages if you need some TLC, and nurturing, refreshing treatments to moms of little kids. We have specialized training in working with people with cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, recent surgeries, and other serious or complex conditions because a huge percentage of people are affected by these conditions and because we believe in and support skilled medical care and science. we can relieve some of the symptoms patients experience, and we enjoy caring for their families as well.

What is the Clinic? Are they students or licensed massage therapists?

They are fully licensed, insured massage therapists who have been chosen for our program. Most newly-licensed massage therapists are thrust into a job with very little guidance and often no extra training. Patient Relaxation has created the Advanced Skills Residency to avoid that. Every year, we choose up to three of the best Licensed Massage Therapists who are in their first years of practice for our Residency and work in our Clinic. They get monthly workshops, read research, get tested on skills and knowledge, and the Clinic serves as a practice laboratory. Clients will enjoy a Therapeutic Massage that, in addition to relaxation techniques, will include whatever skills or protocols we are working on. The cost of these massages is lower ($49 instead of $75), and we ask for your feedback to help these therapists gain skills, and also for your Google reviews to help them build their professional reputation.