I've heard that massage can spread cancer. Is that true?

No. That myth was based on the idea that if massage increases circulation, that would encourage the movement of cancer cells from one part of the body to another. If that were true, oncologists would not encourage their patients to exercise and to move as much as possible, which they do.
Numerous studies have been done, and none have shown any connection to the spread of cancer to massage therapy or increased circulation in general.

Is it effective for people with serious conditions to get massage?

Definitely, as long as the massage therapist is well-trained.

Research supports the idea that skilled massage therapy can reduce many of the side effects of serious illnesses (pain, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and stress) as well as improve sleep. In some people, these side effects were reduced by up to 50%! 

What will my first session be like?

We allow extra time at our first session to talk with you and find out details of your medical history that will help me tailor your massages to your particular needs. Then we will step out, giving you a chance to undress to your comfort level and to get onto the table and cover up with the sheet and blanket. Once you are tucked in, we will return, and give you a lovely massage, uncovering only the parts being massaged. We use hot cushions and towels, lotions and aromas as appropriate. 
At the end, we will let you know the treatment has ended, then will step out to let you yawn and stretch and get dressed. Finally, we'll return with some water for you, and we can set up your next appointments.

Do you do "regular" massages? What if I'm perfectly healthy?

Of course! Our careful, thoughtful approach to massage therapy works for all of our clients, regardless of health issues. We can give deep pressure massages to athletes, gentle stress-relieving massages if you need some TLC, and nurturing, refreshing treatments to moms of little kids. 

We have specialized training in working with people with cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, recent surgeries, and other serious or complex conditions because a huge percentage of people are affected by these conditions and because we believe in and support skilled medical care and science. we can relieve some of the symptoms patients experience, and we enjoy caring for their families.

What do I wear? What if I get cold?

Massages are performed in our massage offices with sheets and blankets, so you may undress (or not undress!) to your level of comfort. We always step out before you change, and will knock before we re-enter.

You will be covered for modesty and warmth, and the table has a fleecy warmed cover, so you should be quite  cozy.

Should you get chilly, let me know! 

Does insurance cover my massage? How does payment work?

For most people, massage therapy is not covered by insurance at this time. 

Check with your insurance company to see. Patient Relaxation does not accept any insurance, however, if your insurance plan does cover it, I can provide you with a receipt so you can get reimbursed by your plan.

All massage therapy sessions must be paid for at the time of service.

Types of payment accepted are cash, credit card, or gift card.

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